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      A large amount of Pueraria lobata residue will be produced during the extraction of Pueraria lobata starch. The water content of fresh pueraria lobata residue is too high, which is not conducive to storage, transportation or deep processing. Pueraria lobata powder residue dehydrator can reduce the water content of Pueraria lobata residue by about 20 and reduce the water dripping of Pueraria lobata residue or Pollution. Now let's introduce the internal principle and equipment price of the Pueraria lobata slag dehydrator in detail.


      Pueraria slag dehydrator generally uses a belt extrusion structure, which is highly targeted for small particle size materials and has good dewatering effect. Its process principle: Pueraria slag is transported to the hopper of the dehydrator through a conveyor, and is evenly distributed through a spiral distributor Spread the ground on the filter belt. With the operation of the equipment, the filter belt is flattened by the material limiter to make the thickness of the material completely uniform; then the upper and lower two fully tensioned ring-shaped filter belts sandwich the material layer. Driven by the driving roller, the pair of rollers in the dewatering zone are continuously squeezed multiple times to press out a large amount of water.

      Want to buy a set of Pueraria lobata powder residue dehydrator, how much is the price? To understand the price of equipment, it is necessary to determine the production capacity, materials, equipment technology and manufacturers, etc., usually following the principle of "the higher the configuration, the higher the price". Of course, this also means that the user's later profits will be higher.

      As a manufacturer with 20 years of production experience, Zhengzhou Dingli can customize and supply kudzu slag dehydrator for users. The factory direct price is better, and the equipment installation and commissioning are provided free of charge.

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