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      What can the sweet potato residue do after drying? At present, it is often used in feed production to reduce breeding costs. However, the fresh sweet potato residue is too high in moisture and needs to be dried before it can be reused. So today, let’s take a look at the production process of sweet potato residue drying. Through videos and illustrations, you can understand the configuration plan in seconds.

      Illustration: Fresh sweet potato contains more than 80% water, and direct drying requires high energy consumption and high cost. Therefore, it needs to be pretreated by a dehydrator before drying. The dehydrated sweet potato residue is transported to the drum dryer by a conveyor and is in the drum. When the evenly distributed copy board is turned over, it is fully in contact with the hot air to achieve the purpose of precipitation. The dried sweet potato residue contains about 12% water, which is convenient for storage or feed utilization. Subsequent processes such as granulation and packaging can be added according to user production requirements.

      Sweet potato residue dryer video, understand the configuration in seconds

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