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      How can glutinous rice distiller's grains or corn alcohol distiller's grains or rice lees be dried and processed? The storage and processing of fresh glutinous rice distiller’s grains are costly and difficult to control quality. The glutinous rice distiller’s grains need to be dried to process the feed. The required equipment, the distiller’s grain dryer, completes the removal of 65 water within a few seconds to dry the distiller’s grains for the processed feed It can be stored for a long time, and the pelletizing rate is high.


    酒糟脫水機.jpg  The moisture of fresh glutinous rice distiller’s grains will be about 85%, and the solid content is low. It is difficult to carry out a series of distiller's grain feed processing feed processes such as effective auxiliary material addition and pelleting. Therefore, whether it is glutinous rice distiller’s grains or corn alcohol grains, rice distiller’s grains or wheat grains, etc Dehydrate and dry.

      The distiller’s lees dryer is equipped with a screw extrusion dehydrator or a belt filter press to form the main mechanical equipment for the dehydration of glutinous rice distiller’s lees. Drying the distiller’s lees moisture content is 15%. It is used for distiller’s lees feed processing with high aggregate content and easy nutrition ratio. By mixing, the granulation molding rate and molding quality are improved.

      Zhengzhou Dingli distiller’s lees dryer manufacturer customized various models, heat source forms, and dedusting configuration of the distiller’s lees dehydration and drying production line. More than 10 years of customized equipment supply and production line construction. The distiller’s lees drying cost is low and environmentally friendly. It has been verified by many users. contact.

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