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      The new shotcrete corn husk dryer project in Henan successfully completed the assembly and foundation construction at  yesterday, and passed the user's project acceptance. This is a user case site closer to our company, which is convenient for buyers of sprayed corn husk drying equipment to observe the site and understand the construction of the corn drying plant from the actual production site.


      The sprayed corn husk dryer is a machine that I use for the drying of protein feeds. Its drying technology ensures that the nutrients, taste and color of the dried dry material are more competitive in the market. This is confirmed by many user cases. . The new project of Henan spray corn husk dryer is undoubtedly the icing on the cake, and it will help.

      Our tumble dryers form corresponding drying principles, structures, and equipment configurations based on different high-humidity materials. The sprayed corn husk is a protein feed, and its drying requires rotary dryer not to damage the nutrients and taste of the sprayed feed. Therefore, the sprayed corn husk dryer is a special type. More detailed technical parameters can be seen in our tailor-made designs for users.

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