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      Fresh okara contains too much moisture, which is not conducive to storage, transportation or reprocessing, and brings inconvenience to the treatment of okara in soy product processing plants. What equipment can be used to remove the moisture in the okara? The bean dregs dehydration dryer quickly processes and removes the moisture of the bean dregs, with short cycle, low cost and more practicality.

      Okara pretreatment-Okara dehydrator

      Okara dewatering machine is a kind of bean dreg pretreatment equipment. It is commonly used in belt extrusion dehydration process. Through multiple squeezing on the rollers in the dehydration zone, about 20 pieces of water in the bean dregs can be removed. It can be directly packaged for export or deep processing to reduce the drying of bean dregs. Machine drying energy consumption and overall operating cost. (Ps: Users who do not require high moisture can choose a soybean dregs dehydrator)

      Okara deep processing equipment-Okara dryer

      For the deep dehydration of bean dregs, a bean dregs dryer is needed. The dehydrated bean dregs quickly evaporate and gasify the moisture by contact with hot air. The dried bean dregs have a water content of about 12%, good color and high quality, and are usually processed into bean dregs feed. Or cat litter to improve its market competitiveness. According to the different uses of the finished bean dregs, it is generally divided into bean dregs drum dryers and bean dregs flash dryers. Please contact us for specific technical process, plan configuration, and case details.

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