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     Sweet potato residue drying equipment is a mechanical equipment for drying and processing sweet potato residue. The application of mechanical equipment can reduce labor input. Zhengzhou Dingli is a sweet potato residue drying equipment manufacturer. At present, many customers have created sweet potato drying projects to provide customers with high-quality Potato residue dehydration and drying equipment, as well as equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales service and other turnkey projects.


      The material processing process of Zhengzhou Dingli sweet potato residue dryer equipment: the material first passes through a special dehydrator, the moisture is removed to a certain extent, and is sent to the mixing drum dryer by the screw conveyor to achieve downstream drying, and the material is continuously under the plate Pick up and fall in a spiral forward movement. The built-in mixing paddle device fully stirs and breaks the material, fully expands the heat exchange area between the material and the hot air, and the material and the hot air fully exchange heat, and the moisture quickly evaporates and vaporizes, reaching about 35%. After completing the drum drying process, it is discharged by the screw conveyor and enters the special crusher for semi-wet materials. The size of crushed materials is below 1mm and enters the pulse air drying process. The materials quickly drop below the moisture required by the customer. (It can avoid the occurrence of gelatinization and saccharification of the material during the drying process, resulting in the appearance of the material being black), the cyclone unloader and the pulse bag dust collector are used to recover the dry material powder, and the exhaust gas is discharged up to the standard to complete the entire drying process .

      Zhengzhou Dingli sweet potato residue dryer equipment currently has a variety of specifications and models. The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs. Customers can purchase high-quality dryer equipment while enjoying the ex-factory price and higher cost performance.

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