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      The potato residue dryer can dry the wet potato residue from the starch factory and dry it to a suitable moisture according to the user's production needs. It is popular among users. However, how much does a potato residue dryer cost? This article will take a closer look.The potato residue dryer uses a tumble dryer as a carrier to quickly dry the potato residue with a water content of about 80% to about 12% (with adjustable moisture) after dehydration-tumble drying-air drying and other processes. For storage or use as feed.


      The above is the technical parameter table of Dingli's hot-selling potato residue dryer. For more equipment technical parameters, please click on the online customer service. Professional technical engineers will design the equipment model parameters for you for free

      How much is the potato residue dryer? Manufacturer customized supply price concessions

    How much is the potato residue dryer, and the price generally ranges from hundreds of thousands to one million. For this equipment market, there is more than one manufacturer, and there are slight differences in raw material selection, process technology, and production input costs. There are various models and various technical parameters, so the price is different.

      Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale direct selling manufacturer of potato residue dryer in Henan. There is no intermediate link cost and the price is favorable. If there is a need for a potato residue dryer or a complete set of equipment for the production of potato residue drying feed, the manufacturer has senior engineers to tailor it. Develop a production plan and rush to the front line to be responsible for installation, commissioning, etc., and regular return visits in the later period, and free consultation activities. Friends from all over the country are welcome to bring materials to the factory at any time.

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